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Avoiding Constipation

Digestion does not take place properly unless the coordinated functions of your mouth, esophagus and stomach are all in sync. When your digestive system is correctly integrated, essential digestive enzymes are present in the exact quantity and location needed to ensure normal digestion. Often the common issue of insufficient enzymes need not be addressed. Assimilation occurs in your small intestine. More specifically, it takes place across the cellular membrane of your body cells. If what you consume does not get transported into your body cells to be utilized, then all is for nothing. What the body utilizes first is oxygen. Next utilized is water, then the nutrients. But often the oxygen, water and nutrients do not get distributed to those parts of your body which need them the most due to blockages preventing this process. When excessive internal toxins exist, they cause even good nutrients to become toxic. Extra toxins accumulate when you do not periodically eliminate them from your body. What goes into your body will not hurt your health, if your energy remains strong to it and you are able to eliminate it quickly before it has had a chance to do damage. You need to detoxify internally. Whatever you consume, the portion not assimilated must be eliminated from your body quickly. If the unassimilated portion of your food remains in your body, even food classified as 'healthy' will become 'unhealthy'. http://cruisecontroldietbookreview.com/goals-mastery-for-personal-and-financial-achievement-review/ http://quantumvisionsystemreview.org/wealth-building-made-simple-program-review/

Understanding Chronic Fatigue Syndrome



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Most doctors cannot readily diagnose fatigue, especially chronic fatigue syndrome. For most practitioners, fatigue is still a symptom of something bigger but not necessarily impairment in itself. However a severe form of prolonged fatigue clinically called chronic fatigue syndrome is slowly taking its toll on many tired and overworked individuals. Usually they complain about depression, a feeling of worthlessness, or an endless guilt about being nonproductive. Family or companions of the sufferer can become impatient, not realizing that the patient truly wants to be better but does not have the means or methods to do so.Everyone feels tired at one point with the other, but CFS is more serious and more chronic than an instance of discouragement. To have clinical fatigue is to have a state of such low energy that it actually interferes with a person's ability to function on a normal level with friends or family. CFS is more intense and lasts longer than normal tiredness, lasting for at least six months without any other underlying illnesses that could be pinpointed as the source of depression. CFS is still often misdiagnosed and dismissed as a problem in a patient's head, but to anyone suffering from CFS, the condition is real and debilitating. There are more women suffering from CFS than men.

CFS can be accompanied by headaches, irritability, sleep problems and profound depression. It can also manifest itself in physical symptoms like a fever, sore throat, or sore muscles. While fatigue is still usually a symptom of other disorders, CFS may be contributed to low blood sugar, diabetes, PMS, poor nutrition, or chronic infection.CFS has now become more widely recognize as an independent medical condition by a growing number of doctors. As of today, experts still cannot agree on the singular cause of CFS. Many attribute CFS to past viral infections, irregular blood pressure, mercury toxicity, drug use, or multiple infections.To combat fatigue, daily exercise and plenty of rest is still the best option. Avoid drugs, alcohol and caffeine. Have yourself tested for low thyroid function, hypoglycemia, or allergies. Take vitamins and minerals to boost your body's biochemical balance. Vitamin B complex, especially vitamin B 12, is widely used to treat low energy. Foods rich in vitamin B12 include sardines, beef, salmon, milk and turkey. Carnitine helps promote weight loss and enhances carbohydrate metabolism. Magnesuim is important to create energy; deficiencies in magnesium can produce muscle weakness. Foods rich in magnesium included wheat germ, almonds, pecans, tuna and hazelnut. Taurine and shark liver oil have been used for ages by Scandinavians to increase energy levels and to combat other health concerns. Also make sure to eat plenty of raw fresh fruits and vegetables. Foods to eat more of are citrus fruits, broccoli, tomatoes and potatoes.