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Avoiding Constipation

Digestion does not take place properly unless the coordinated functions of your mouth, esophagus and stomach are all in sync. When your digestive system is correctly integrated, essential digestive enzymes are present in the exact quantity and location needed to ensure normal digestion. Often the common issue of insufficient enzymes need not be addressed. Assimilation occurs in your small intestine. More specifically, it takes place across the cellular membrane of your body cells. If what you consume does not get transported into your body cells to be utilized, then all is for nothing. What the body utilizes first is oxygen. Next utilized is water, then the nutrients. But often the oxygen, water and nutrients do not get distributed to those parts of your body which need them the most due to blockages preventing this process. When excessive internal toxins exist, they cause even good nutrients to become toxic. Extra toxins accumulate when you do not periodically eliminate them from your body. What goes into your body will not hurt your health, if your energy remains strong to it and you are able to eliminate it quickly before it has had a chance to do damage. You need to detoxify internally. Whatever you consume, the portion not assimilated must be eliminated from your body quickly. If the unassimilated portion of your food remains in your body, even food classified as 'healthy' will become 'unhealthy'. http://cruisecontroldietbookreview.com/goals-mastery-for-personal-and-financial-achievement-review/ http://quantumvisionsystemreview.org/wealth-building-made-simple-program-review/

Simple Summer Marketing Ideas


Summer time means we're usually outside more, away from the computer, and getting some sunshine. That can make it difficult to stick with some of the marketing plans that rely heavily on the internet. Not sure what to do to stay active with your marketing while busy enjoying summer with your family? Here are a few low-tech and off-line ways you can get in some business marketing while you're off to the beach or park.Write Thank You Notes: Real, old-fashioned pen and paper note cards are still available at your local stores. Pick up a few packages and some stamps. Then write a few while you're watching your kiddos play outside in the yard. You could send them to your top customers, the ones who've been with you the longest, vendors who make it easy to work with them, or even bloggers who you enjoy following online. A hand written thank you note can go a long way towards building a relationship with key clients or those you want to connect with.



Carry Your Business Cards & Let Them Out of Your Purse: Keep your business cards ready so you can hand them out when you meet someone who could use your products or services, or who knows someone who could. Business cards are a very inexpensive marketing tool. I like Overnight Prints. Vista Print is also very popular.
Advertise on Your Taxi: Do you feel like a taxi driver hauling your kids around to all those summer activities? Get a nice decal or magnet to stick on your vehicle and get some extra benefit from all that extra mileage. Check out the options from Vista Print here.Use Your Products: If you sell a product, keep it with you and use it creatively while you're out and about. Sell Tupperware? Use it for the kid's snacks when you go to the park. Sew your own hand bags, diaper bags, clothing, or baby carriers? Make sure you've got a nice visible logo and website URL on the item and then wear it proudly while you're away from home.


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